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  • 17 Apr 2017 18:26 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Chris Waddington, from Southampton Water Sailing Association, wonders if members might be interested in their local racing events.  An evening series of ten events starts on Friday 5th May and a passage series of events starts on 17th June with the Round the Island Race.   

    The first race is free and thereafter an entry fee of £10 per race is charged or £50 for the season.  Racing is very friendly and many aspiring racers have cut their teeth on this series before moving on to more challenging events.

    SWSA Invitation
    SWSA Cruiser Racing Programme 2017
    Solent Marks 2017 - changes
    Solent Racing Chart - central
    S'ton Water Race Chart

    Entry forms, courses and sailing instructions can be downloaded from
    Chris can be contacted directly on

  • 17 Apr 2017 09:51 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    LNTM No 24/17

    1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen’s Harbour Master Portsmouth,that following the widening and re-orientation of the Portsmouth Approach Channel, as depicted on the newly published Admiralty Chart 2625 (2 March 2017), further adjustments have been made to the positioning of the Small Boat Channel that runs between 4 Bar Buoy (50 46.97N 001 06.48W) and Ballast Pile (50 47.62N 001 06.83W).  This notice supersedes LNTM 23/17 (Small Boat Channel Re-alignment) and should be read in conjunction with the regulations contained in General Direction 7/10 (Portsmouth Harbour Entrance – Approach Channel, Small Boat Channel, Swashway and Inner Swashway).     

    2.  Following the widening of the Main Approach Channel, the location of the Small Boat Channel over a somewhat narrower and steeper slope has resulted in a reduced tolerance for small craft straying out of the edge of the channel before they experience shoal depths.  For this reason, the route of the channel and traffic management measures have been subtly amended in order to simplify the monitoring of vessel positioning and to reduce the potential for inbound and outbound vessels to force each other in to shallow water or the Main Approach Channel respectively.

    3.   Remaining approximately 50 metres wide throughout its length, the most significant changes are that all vessels using the Small Boat Channel are to leave 4 Bar Buoy to port, whether heading inbound or outbound, and that north of this point, the channel has been straightened from the route currently shown on new edition Chart 2625.  Vessels navigating along the Small Boat Channel should now follow a line that passes from 4 Bar Buoy to approximately 25 metres east of BC outer (as depicted), keeping other passing small craft on their own port side.

    4. Vessels approaching or departing the small boat channel to the south, particularly at low water, should follow the line of the port lateral buoys in order to avoid grounding on the SE corner of Hamilton Bank, turning to follow the line of the channel in vicinity of 4 Bar Buoy.

    5.   In vicinity of BC Outer (red beacon), all vessels should pass to the east of the beacon except those joining or leaving the Small Boat Channel at the Inner Swashway who are to leave it to port accordingly.  This area can become extremely busy, particularly during the summer months, and mariners joining here should converge with caution and avoid forcing others out in to the middle of the harbour entrance.  Similarly, all mariners should be alert to strong cross currents in this area which can sweep vessels in to the main channel. 

    6.    All vessels less than 20 metres in length are to use the Small Boat Channel when entering or leaving Portsmouth, unless specifically exempted from doing so by the Queen’s Harbour Master.  Furthermore, craft using the Small Boat Channel are legally required to comply with the measures contained in General Direction 7/10 (Portsmouth Harbour Entrance – Approach Channel, Small Boat Channel, Swashway and Inner Swashway).  In particular, small craft are not to cross the Main Approach Channel until north of Ballast Pile or South of 4 Bar Buoy; should avoid loitering in the Small Boat Channel; should adjust their speed to remain in the Small Boat Channel rather than overtake and be forced in to the main channel. 

    7.The Harbour Entrance and Main Approach Channel is considered a Narrow Channel in accordance with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions and Sea (COLREGS) and as such, all mariners are reminded that in accordance with Rule 9(b) “a vessel of less than 20 metres in length or a sailing vessel shall not impede the passage of a vessel that can safely navigate only within a narrow channel or fairway”; vessels over 20 metres in length are classed as the latter, are not to be impeded, and conversely are not permitted to enter the Small Boat Channel or Inner Swashway except in an emergency.

    8.   Further information can be found on the QHM Website at

    9.   Cancel LNTM 23/17.

  • 15 Jan 2015 09:27 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The draw for GCCC's entry to the RNLI Alternative Boat Race was held at the AGM on January 13th. First prize, which provides entry for two to the race itself including dinner on April 10th, was won by Richard Vail.  Second prize, which wins the model lifeboat used to compete in the race, was won by Ron Moore.  Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all other participants.

  • 22 Sep 2014 08:52 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    National Coastwatch have been allocated a new dedicated nationwide VHF radio channel which is due to go live at all 50+ NCI Stations in England & Wales on 1st October 2014.

    The channel is duplex on international marine VHF Channel 65 and it will be used primarily to allow NCI Stations to pass routine local information to nearby vessels including current weather condition reports and radio checks where required

    NCI currently have four operational stations within the Solent area including one on the Isle of Wight - for details visit

  • 26 Jun 2014 22:26 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Many congratulations to Clive White who finished the RIR, an achievement in itself, in 19 position overall.  Clive left the Baie De Seine summer cruise on Wednesday after providing us all with a fine afternoon tea with homemade cakes. He left so that he could get Quickstep's bottom scrubbed which clearly paid off in such light airs.  Unless anyone knows better this has to be the highest placed GCCC boat in the RIR ever

  • 28 Mar 2014 20:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    This new website was launched today.  If you are reading this news item you have successfully got your members login.  Please provide feedback on the site using the discussion forum topic. If you have news items please send them to so they can be posted here.
  • 27 Jan 2014 00:14 | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    At the AGM it was agreed that the membership subscription should increase to £45 per year with a £10 discount for prompt payment. This will be effective for renewals on 1st October 2014 and those new members joining on or after 1st July 2104 (new members joining after 1st July will renew on 1st October 2015)
  • 03 Nov 2013 18:07 | Anonymous
    There was a big turnout for the first talk of the winter programme and the first at Papercourt.  Roger Shaw gave an interesting talk on cruising in various locations and in particular a 3 year trip from UK to Greece.
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