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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Party and Competition

  • 16 Feb 2021
  • 20:00 - 22:00
  • Zoom
  • Pancake Party and Competition
  • Some might remember that this was the last annual event we were able to hold at the clubhouse before the pandemic took hold, so this year we really are doing it 'with a difference' ..... online!  You are therefore invited to join fellow members for a fun 'filled' pancake evening like no other! … where you will not only:


    • Watch an interesting pancake making demonstration with the opportunity to ‘cook-along’
    • Have the opportunity to showcase your pancake tossing skills
    • Take part in a 10-question quiz

    … but most importantly, enjoy a good laugh!

    You will need …


    To join in the ‘Cook-Along’

    • Pre-prepared batter (see link to recipe below)
    • Filling ingredients for Beurre-Sucre
    • Or other filling ingredients of choice

    Link to recipe: Crepes (pancakes) Anne Cheese recipe.pdf

    To join in the ‘Pancake Flipping Competition’

    • A pancake or frying pan
    • A pre-prepared pancake (homemade or shop bought)
    • To memorise the 1st and 2nd verse and chorus of the sea shanty (as below)


    Outline schedule for the evening – all timings approximate:-


    20:00 hrs - Welcome

    General hellos and a quick demonstration of how to use ‘pin video’ in Zoom (see instructions below)


    20:15 hrs - Pancake making demonstration ‘Beurre-Sucre’

    Club member Anne Cheese will demonstrate the French way of making the classic French pancake Beurre-Sucre.  Members are invited to either cook along at home or watch the demonstration.


    20:30 hrs - Pancake Flipping Competition

    Each member will be invited to flip a pancake (pre-prepared or shop bought) for 30-seconds whilst reciting from memory the sea shanty.  The person who achieves the highest number of flips is the winner.  Members as a group will need to count the number of flips for each of the performances.


    21:00 hrs - Pancake ‘Flip-Off’ 

    In the event of a draw there will be a final ‘Flip-Off’ and the winner declared.


    21:15 hrs - Pancake day related Quiz

    Time permitting, Trudi will give a short 10 question quiz.


    The Wellerman Sea Shanty


    Verse 1

    There once was a ship that put to sea
    And the name of that ship was the Billy o'Tea
    The winds blew hard, her bow dipped down
    Blow, me bully boys, blow (huh)



    Soon may the Wellerman come
    To bring us sugar and tea and rum
    One day, when the tonguing' is done
    We'll take our leave and go


    Verse 2

    She had not been two weeks from shore
    When down on her a right whale bore
    The captain called all hands and swore
    He'd take that whale in tow (huh)


    How to use PIN video in Zoom

    This will allow you to select an individual member who you wish to display on full screen (your screen) which will come in handy during the pancake flipping competition.



    To enter pin video …

    • Go to gallery view (top right)
    • Select an individual member and right click
    • Select Pin video from the drop-down menu

    To exit pin video …

    • Click Remove Pin (upper left of current pinned video)
    • Go to gallery view (top right)


    i-pad or phone

    To enter pin video …

    • Go to gallery view (top left)
    • Tap an individual member
    • Select Pin video from the drop-down menu

    To exit pin video …

    • Click Remove Pin (upper left of current pinned video)
    • Go to gallery view (top left)

    If you do not see the controls tap the screen to get them to appear

    Please log-on at 20:00 hrs. and stand-by for an evening like no other ...

  • The Zoom link was sent out in an email dated 3rd February.

  • This will be on Zoom.

  • Organiser: Various
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