Voyage of The Liberdade

  • 20 Nov 2018
  • 20:30 - 23:00
  • Papercourt
Talk on the Voyage of The Liberdade
  • Speaker: Mike Austin 
  • An illustrated presentation by Mike Austin of the story of Joshua Slocum who in 1890 having been shipwrecked in southern Brazil built the “Liberdade”.
    Joshua later became the first man to circumnavigate the world alone in the “Spray”.
    He was followed by David Sinnett-Jones who circumnavigated the world 1985-88 in a copy of Joshua's “Spray”.
    Later,  David and Mike retraced the voyage of the “Liberdade” from Paranaguá, Brazil to New York, including nineteen days single-handed from Antigua to Norfolk VA

  • Organiser: Bill Wood-Roe

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